Bonair Sweden AB

Bonair Sweden AB uses one of our motor control systems to regulate the temperature in its climate control unit, by measuring the temperature and controlling a ventilator. This unit is later installed in off-road vehicles.



In cooperation with CGM AB, we developed a parallel system for CGM’s ergonomic operator desks. These desks demand high quality on both performance and reliability.


Miele Werk Bürmoos GmbH

In some of their production equipment, Miele uses the versatile Sepro TYP3 for motion control.


SKF Actuation System

We have developed a Sepro TYP3 in a heavy-duty enclosure, which SKF uses for controlling a wide range of their their actuators. The enclosure is developed with endurance and tough environment in mind. It also have excellent cooling properties.


Svancare AB

Svancare AB provides solutions for people in need of assistance in their everyday life. In their product “Svanlift” they use our control system TYP2-BTS for soft acceleration and low standby current consumption.


Tawi AB

Tawi AB applies TYP3 in their electric lift series, Protema. Tawi AB has over 80 years experience in developing solutions for easier lifting in the industry.


Wanjet AB

You will find Wanjet’s unique irrigation robot in many green houses worldwide. In cooperation with the company, we have developed a general motor controller, that can store multiple profiles for multiple areas of usage. This enables the use of one controller type for many of the robot axis.

Electric control of mechanical systems